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Video Camera

What's Your Story?

Story Development

A thorough pre-script process to help you take your story from idea to fully-fleshed-out cinematic plot. Learn the ins and outs of screenwriting story structure. Find and address story holes and logic problems, build out characters, and make sure you've answered the important questions before you dive into writing.

Film Slate Marker

Analyze This!

Script Analysis

A fresh set of eyes and a thorough analysis for your finished screenplay, including an overall reaction and high-level suggestions, as well as micro-focused page notes to help you elevate the piece in every way possible.

Film Set


Screenwriter Coaching

Do you need someone to walk you through the process? Keep you accountable and motivated? Robust, personalized attention for every part of your screenwriting journey, from craft and technique instruction to career, process, and mindset coaching. For those who want to take their writing to the highest level possible and learn how to make the leap from aspiring to professional.

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