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About Midnight Magic Media

Strategic Storytellers

Midnight Magic is a media company that focuses its brand on multi-media content. This includes film/tv that range from high concept/high dramas to elevated comedies with an indie spirit for broad global audiences.


Midnight Magic also creates video and blog content for our social media platforms. Our aim is to entertain, educate, and give a unique perspective on a variety of topics. 

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Our Brand

Original Concept Driven Stories

Story Content

The material we develop deals with imperfect/flawed characters and original concept driven stories. We offer a diverse slate of Feature Film projects and TV shows within this scope of our core concepts. Focal genres consist of Dramas, Suspense/Thrillers, Elevated Comedies, Family, and Sports Dramas. Many of these works have high concept or even experimental values but will remain familiar to their genre and audiences. We've created a slate of independent films that range from low to mid-budget. Our content stretches from film/tv, multimedia short form with an emphasis on original content. There will be instances where we create true stories and biographies after having laid a foundation of our original content first.

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The talent selected for our projects range from established actors to up & coming artists with heat of at least another notable project. With established relationships and industry connections, we will collaborate on some projects with talented filmmakers and emerging creatives who have at least 1-2 projects under their belt. Although projects and content we create range a variety of genres, the end result will always be high quality productions with a strong level of prestige for top festivals and awards competitions.


Core Values

Our content will stand the test of time, continually be talked about and elevate existing genres as must see events both in the movie theater, television, and streaming platforms. The current model will focus on a slate of 2-3 film projects to be produced and released concurrently to maximize profits and keep a steady stream of content ready for distributors and exhibitors. Our prime advantage is our content creation, ability to develop material, work with credible actors and filmmakers to create our groundbreaking content.

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