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Visual artist and still photographer, Hidemi Takagi explores her Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn community through her camera lens. She redefines community through her art and highlights its residents in a way that reflects what Brooklyn is truly all about.

Hidemi Takagi is an Asian American who was born and Japan and lives in Brooklyn, NY. She is married to a Haitian American and explores art through her Bed-Stuy community.

Through stories shared, Hidemi learned what community means through this inner-city Bed-Stuy neighborhood. She takes photos of her neighbors which forms this kinship and allows the world to see them in the same lights as she does.

This documentary is an introspective exploration of Hidemi's journey as she connects with her Brooklyn neighbors and learns the meaning of community. The documentary also looks to explore these residents and get their take on what community means to them and why Hidemi is considered family to them.

It is a portrait of Brooklyn like we have never seen before, seen through the lens and heart of visual artist, Hidemi Takagi.

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Whitewashed Brick

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